Tuesday, July 10, 2007

District 19 Candidates Discuss Issues with Salemtown and Germantown

A great crowd showed up for tonight's Metro Council District 19 candidates' forum, which ended up lasting almost 2 hours with the 5 candidates (l-r, facing the camera: Freda Player, David Shaw, Erica Gilmore, Keith Pitts, and Janice Davis) answering a number of unscripted audience questions in a relatively free give-and-take format. The forum got rave reviews from several of the candidates and many in the audience afterwards.

This was definitely a worthy event, which would have been a shame not to have held. We were concerned about the turn-out in the beginning, because the forum conflicted with a Germantown wine-and-cheese event, but the numbers were what some of us here had hoped they would be. With few exceptions, Salemtown Neighbors was definitely in the house. Thanks to all of the candidates for taking time out of their busy schedules to meet with us!


  1. I could just kick myself! I can't believe I forgot tonights meeting! Oh well:( I am glad there was a good turnout though and that it was a successful event. Thanks again for all that you did to make this event happen.

  2. Thanks for your work on this. This was quite an informative event.

    Always good times when one of the candidates at a Salemtown/Germantown event wonders around before the event asking 'where's Salemtown'??