Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ludye Wallace Attempted to Cut Parks and Schools Further on Behalf of Funding a Non-Profit

With all of the recent dust-up over the Metro Council cuts to Metro Parks and the Public School District, did you know that on June 26 District 19's Ludye Wallace attempted to slash $60,000 from each in an amendment that would have sent $120,000 to the private Hadley Park tennis charity to which Metro has already sent thousands of dollars? His amendment did not ever really seem to stand a chance as it appeared that he could only muster around 10 other members to vote with him.

However, with the Morgan Park Community Center closed this summer, with no help forthcoming from Ludye's discretionary funds, and with the Parks Department making good on their threat to close the community centers on Saturdays, it feels like a slap in the face here in Salemtown for our elected representative to attempt to slash funding that could affect Morgan Park and to put it into a private tennis program focused exclusively on another neighborhood.

Ludye's patronage of that tennis charity and their overreliance on public funds really discourages me from ever considering contributing to it. His reputation has stained their reputation as far as I am concerned.

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