Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Republicans' Clementine Cash Cow

To whom Bob Clement will be beholden if elected Mayor next month?
Former Democratic Congressman Bob Clement’s mayoral campaign raised more than $150,000 during a fundraiser last night at the home of local businessman and Republican fundraiser Ted Welch.


  1. Seems like Bob is actually trying to be the mayor of ALL of Nashville...I'm a Democrat, and one that believes in including everyone, and that seems pretty non-partisan and responsible to me.

  2. My critical comments of Clement seem to attract a lot of "anonymous" Dems.

    This has nothing to do with inclusion. It has everything to do with being beholden to conservatives and Republicans when policy gets written. More money means more influence.

    Republican Co. Chair Jon Crisp helped coordinate the Council appointment of a home-schooler to the school board last year. This year, he is running interference for the Clement Campaign. I wonder what Mr. Clement intends to give back to Mr. Crisp and the GOP once he is elected?

  3. If your thinking is that everyone who supports a particular candidate is doing so based upon some expected return, may we ask what Megan Barry intends to give you for your endorsement?

  4. I don't think "everyone" is expecting a return. I do believe that well-placed party donors expect a "return on their investment." And the more money a candidate gets from small clusters of partisans, the more those ties are bound to them later.

    I haven't asked for anything, but I am expecting to get some ethical leadership from her in an ethically-challenged legislative body.

    I assume that by "we" you are referring to the "royal we." If only these anonymous dems who support Clement would come forward and take responsibility for their comments. I have to wonder why they are so cautious about being named with their candidate, unless they really aren't Democrats at all.

    Or maybe they're just campaign hacks who go around and make sure their side is represented daily on the online debates. We'll never know, I guess.