Monday, July 23, 2007

Of Course It Is a Campaign Tactic

I'm sorry, but there is no such thing as an unconsidered or innocent scheduling conflict in political campaigns. Campaign strategists and advisors meet and discuss daily and in detail the best tactics for winning an election. So, did Bob Clement's Campaign believe that skipping controversial debates makes him more winnable? Of course they did. These guys are seasoned pros at marketing Bob Clement. What voters have to decide is whether those relatively tame and timid moves are causes to question whether Mr. Clement is bold enough to lead this city and daring enough to face challenges that confront him as Mayor.


  1. If you want to talk about "tame and timid" and showing up for political activities, try looking at some of the council members who are running and their voting record. I think you'll find some "tame and timid" skipping out there as well. And they are being PAID to do it.

  2. Clement is a nice enough fellow but should have stayed in Congress when he had the chance.

    Gentry has done tremendous work with a difficult Council and has shown leadership in the important issue of homelessness.

    Dean is knowledgeable and may have the best chance of getting elected without a runoff.