Friday, July 13, 2007

Compare and Contrast: Conservatives, English Only, and Immigration in the Mayor's Race

[Council Member Eric] Crafton also said the [English Only/First] bill has nothing to do with illegal immigration and that its purpose is simply to reinforce English as the traditional language of our government.

- - Bill Harless conveying Eric Crafton's defense of English Only in the December 5, 2006 City Paper

[Mayoral candidate David] Briley's rhetoric just doesn't match up to his record in the council of being soft on immigration of ALL types. Until now, David Briley NEVER made a distinction about legel [sic] -vs- illegal immigration... in fact, Briley could not even agree that English ought to be the language of the land, and he voted against doing so.

- - "jzcrispgop" (Jon Crisp, Davidson Co. Republican Party Chair) in the comments section of today's City Paper

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