Friday, July 20, 2007

Sweet Liberation and a Referral

Acting on a tip from a commenter, I secured the services of Tidy Paws, which comes over weekly and cleans up our dog's poop in the back yard. Tidy Paws is owned by Brad Luther (phone: 893-9496), and their average weekly cleaning per pet is $10 + $2.50 per pet (an initial clean up fee may apply according to the amount of accumulation). Brad says that they also clean cat litter boxes.

After a year of cleaning up dog poop I feel practically liberated (did you know that dog poop takes at least a year to disintegrate?) and happy to refer him to any one else who can use the service. Brad tells me that I am his first North End customer, which seems odd to me given the number of pet owners around here.

I told Brad that there seem to be a good number of pet owners over at Werthan Lofts who bring their dogs out to relieve themselves. I also suggested that he contact the Werthan Residents Association to see if they might work out a deal for him to sweep up the poop on the grounds over there.


  1. A dog crap cleaning service?

    I nominate that guy for entrepreneur of the year. That's brilliant.

  2. The real genius is that it is a high demand business that can NEVER be outsourced.