Friday, July 13, 2007

Council Member Pam Murray Is "Exhibit A" in What Is Wrong with the Council's Discretionary Spending

Back in May when the Metro Council's non-profit spending was chugging merrily along, I did not call particular attention to Pam Murray's Resolution No. RS2007-2007 to give $35,750 to a group called NEON (North Edgefield Organized Neighbors), because it was one of a high number of late requests for non-profit spending. Now it appears that, amidst the mud-slinging of the District 5 race reported by Channel 4, Ms. Murray's resolution is classic good-ole-girl patronage, of which I have been warning since the council started spending public discretionary funds on non-profits.

Ms. Murray's close friend, Joyce Stallworth, is on the NEON Board. Ms. Stallworth is reportedly the Secretary of the group. Even if Ms. Murray did not secure the funds based on their friendship, she did not avoid the appearance of impropriety. $35,750 is a lot of money to send to a non-profit, particularly one to which the council member is personally connected. It just does not pass the ethics smell test, in my opinion.

It all stinks. And Ms. Murray's only response to Channel 4 about the ties that brought NEON $35,750 in public tax dollars was to say that she is not using those ties to win the campaign; as if giving $35,750 to one's own pet organization is not problematic in itself.

By the way, Ms. Murray sponsored a passed resolution in 2005 that sent $56,666.66 to NEON. Ms. Murray's current opponent, Sam McCullough was Executive Director of NEON in 2005. Also, there were other Council Members currently running for office who co-sponsored Ms. Murray's NEON largess: in 2005, current Vice Mayoral candidate Diane Neighbors co-sponsored the $56,666 resolution; in 2007, current Council 10 incumbent Rip Ryman co-sponsored the $35,750 resolution. With all of the tax-money going to support a private organization, I would think that NEON ought to be doing well for itself and it need never worry about fund-raising.


  1. While you are looking at Pam Murray, why don't you look at the deceitful Vivian Wilhoite in District 29. Her resolutions are riddled with favored friends. One in particular for a very close friend of hers who by the way is also helping her with her reelection campaign, The Minority Business Fund "the one fund" The executive director Marilyn Robinson is her close friend and they are both in the 100 black women chapter together, so its not only in the situation you highlighted, its with others, but no one seems to focus on the fraud Vivian Wilhoite who by the way is a true opportunist. The Janis Sontany saga, the taking credit for the neighborhood associations efforts saga, the list goes on. If you look at one councilmember, you'll find that this last batch had a lot of grandstanding, opportunists in it that are in it for self promotion and to move up in politics.

  2. Pam you is doing a good jod in your your area .

  3. Pam then went on to use NEON money to hire teens to campaign for her reelection. They were also encouraged to steal yard signs belonging to Sam McCullough. NEON lost its nonprofit status last year for failing to file with the state. They fixed that problem, but according to the IRS, they have not filled any paperwork for the last 2 years. Where is the money? Better ask Pam.

  4. Pam has used NEON as her private slush fund. She uses it to fund trips for her family and friends. Her brother has an addiction problem. He works for NEON when he needs some "help."
    Strangely enough, Pam has not received ANY donations for her campaign as of last week. She is entirely self funded. Or maybe not. Some local markets were popped for selling drug items. They made donations to Pam with the understanding that the charges would get dropped. Pam pressured the Beer Board and neighbors in a vain attempt to get the charges dropped. But somehow, this donation was not reported.

  5. Heck, as long as I am venting I might as well let it all out.

    Does any one remember the group of teens who killed the immigrant father on Joseph St? Pam Murray negotiated the surrender of the shooter. What was not reported but was commonly know, was that Joyce Stallworth hid the murderer at her house on N. Second St. for a few days after the murder. I think that is a felony.

  6. When the McFerrin Park Neighborhood Association first started up a white man was elected by the people of McFerrin Park.

    Pam Murray became irate with the choice of the neighborhood and became of vocally irate against a white person in charge of her neighborhood. She threatened Carol McCullough from Neighborhood Resources that she would not fund them any more money.

    The year following she dragged people to the election that the association never saw hoping that their vote would turn the neighborhood into having a black leader. That also didn't work for racist Pam Murray. She even tried to get a minister to be elected for the neighborhood who never lived there because he was black.

    A few months ago Pam Murray, which is hardly ever seen at the neighborhood meeting arrived at the McFerrin Park Steering Committe meeting. She started with her threats, told the residents that she had just attended another meeting and new of this man who likes burning houses down. What was odd is that there was a Metro Police officer sitting at one of those meetings where she treatened the burning of your houses and he did not question her or investigate her threats which sadened the neighborhood.

    Pam Murray has promised the residents of McFerrin Park cameras for the OPEN DRUG MARKET on N 2nd and Hancock and to date has never followed through.

    At a recent District 5 forum Pam Murray entered the room with a well know crack head which disgusted some of the neighbors. She has found a way to harbor her crack head friends in differnt areas of her district hoping to get her vote. Last election many who lived in the Sam Levy home where promised many things by Murray, they voted and Murray once elected back out of her promise to those in the black community.

    The recent allegation by Joyce Stallworth who is one of Pam Murrays best friend and the Sam McCullough saga is to be questioned.

    Joyce Stallworth is not a credible witness as for years she and her family have been running a crack house at 711 N 2nd St where she resides. Her brother and cousin whom where living with her where both convicted felons and running dope through the streets of McFerrin. Pam Murray has always protected the drug dealers as it has been mentioned her family member is also lurking the streets all cracked up.

    Aiding and abedding convicted felons, guilty of drug trafficing and racism is Pam Murray's m.o.

    Anyone questioning the Stallworth complain against McCullough may check and find out how many arrest came from 711 N 2nd St and how many complaints where called in.

    Since Stallworth started working for Murray they have both moved the dealers into other rentals to make it appear as though they where both up standing citizens.

    Neighbors on 7th and Douglas noticed Pam's children she hires for the summer work program stealing Sam McCullough sings and replacing them with Pam Murray signs. Teaching the children to steal Pam Murray and you are a social worker is a disgrace.

    If ever elected this woman needs to be investigated, the funds need to be investigated as there is definately a conflict of interest where Murray spends the money.

    Could Murray and Pat Clark also be funding the apartments for her crack dealers in this district? Is she paying for her family to live in these rentals that is federally funded and also illegal to rent to felons.

    Murray needs to be held accountable for her actions, the drug trafficing, the prostitution, murders and shootings in her district.

    I am not excited by either candidate but McCullough is the lesser of both evils. He will know once reading these posts that the district people will also be watching him as they have Murray.

  7. "SAM'S THE MAN" For District #5.

    Was informed that 7/18/07 that Pam Murray was questioning business owners if they had heard anything negative about her.
    Could Murray be worried her $$$ is about to be whacked?

  8. Council Lady Murray is doing an excellent job in District 5 and everyone in the community know that these immoral comments and false allegations are coming from
    the few neighbors who wish to bring division in our community.
    I am happy that she is ignoring
    Sam and his few (Jim, Tracey, Carol, Brenda,) and running a clean race.

  9. I wonder why Pam's neighbors are not voting for her? One would think that if she were doing such a fine job then her next door neighbors would be her biggest supporters. I suspect that if you really know Pam Murray then you know she is a crook.

  10. Pam Murray has always asked us, her neighbors, what we want and helped us get it.
    Now I want to address several things on this site real clearly. 1-Sam was in charge of that money (37000??) 2-He had cable TV (to watch) installed but not Internet in his office at the Pale House and earned a pay check. 3- What's this race crap (Its 2007) I am a resident of district 5 and I have always been supported by Pam Murray. 4-Pam Murray came to my home when I had a BAD crack house next door, sat on my porch, and witnessed the tenants of the crack house. Then made back up calls to Metro departments to get the flop house gone with its drugs and prostitutes. 5-I talk to Pam Murray once a month (min) and she is always their for me and my peers. 6- Pam has always made it clear that the credit for her success is owed to her neighbors who support and help her.

    Now The race comments need to stop this is a melting pot district and I as well as Pam Murray hope we have all ethnicity represented in strong numbers. I see beautiful people not the color some people try to continue to trap us into.


  12. sam can you plaese stop lying on pam murray she is a sweet lady and she want do anything to a dog or do anything to hurt someone else. i have a question . why do yuo want to be can councilman in my district? what is some of the changes that you will do. see pam murray no what she is doing. think u reading this. can you please stop putting your sign in my yard. thank you have a blessed day

  13. ms. murray i know you are doing a wonderful job. before you was in office OH MY GOD the district not safe cime was all over the place you name it. It was there right in your face. with in six months the change was rapid. I dont know if sam has a real agenda. what is his plans for district five. what is his qualifations. I thought you have to be an up standing citzen to hold office what kind of example is he setting running around hitting on women. We do not need a person like that in office with a criminal record.

  14. I have noticed a few things this election cycle. As a longtime resident of Cleveland Park, I know where many of our drug dealers reside. Most of these drug houses have a Pam Murray sign in the yard. I guess they want four more years of Pam. Secondly, from reading the posts on this blog, it seems that many of Pam's supporters are not computer literate. Guys, spell check is really not complex. It makes our district look ignorant.

  15. I just love to beat a dead horse so I shall begin.

    Pam Murray has been asked to give the money back. Thats right, her little NEON slush fund has been discovered by someone.

    Metro tells the CityPaper that NEON has absolutely no ability to handle the tens of thousands of dollars that the Council allocated to the Reelect Pam Murray Fund(also known as NEON).
    It will be interesting to see what falls out when they shake this tree.

  16. Anonymous comment removed for threatening violence.

  17. So, I am just wondering, did Neon ever give back the money that the city gave them? Or did their "corrective" action plan save the day? And have they done anything with the firestation that James Weaver gave them for a vote on the WalMart beer permit?

    Just wondering.

  18. This women has had a serious (or so she says) head injury. When she was practicing she used her injury as an excuse for REALLY WEIRD comments and conversations. I really don't understand how she was even elected?

  19. Mike,

    Since I know you just love local politics, are you planning on writing the follow-up story about this "Exhibit A?"

    It now turns out that she is not and has not been for some time, a resident of Davidson County. And yet somehow she still represents the 5th District.

    I love local politics.