Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Karl Dean Has Blown Me off on the Rack Question

A full week has passed since I e-mailed the Dean Campaign with a couple of simple questions on whether he would veto the news rack bill as Mayor Purcell had. Particularly troubling to me: his Press Secretary Janel Lacey seems to have strung me along for a couple of days last week promising an answer, but failing to deliver. I guess their chosen silence leaves me to draw my own conclusions on how they might treat an Average-Joe-Voter (to compliment the Average-Jane-Voters) like me were they to assume control of Metro. I apparently have no access to this Metro Mafia.

The big media boys seem to matter more to Mr. Dean. Ms. Lacey did find time this week to reply to the "center-right," error-prone Nashville City Paper, and she did continue to advance "Dean's Defense" of rifling the Metro Budget "building contingency" line item to pay for education, which (as I have pointed out) would be nullified by increased fees in other departments resulting from the need for someone to pay for empty building up-keep (if Metro Lawyers are to be believed; wait, wasn't Karl Dean once a Metro Lawyer?).


  1. Your initial entry referenced an opinion of a "Metro Council" lawyer. Just for the sake of accuracy, that is not the same thing as the Metro Dept. of Law, of which Dean was Director. Metro Council has its own staff and its own attorney, who is entirely independent from the Dept. of Law and who, at times(though I don't know if so in this particular case), has issued advice to Council the conflicted with opinions issued by the Dept. of Law.

  2. Yeah? Well, do you have access to the candidate so that you can ask him whether he would have vetoed the news rack bill as Mayor?

  3. I cant believe a candidate would blow of a single individual in order to deal with the (real) media.

    For what it is worth, during last year's election for Congress, I emailed a list of questions to your candidate - Ginny Welsch - for which answers were never forthcoming. After prompting her campaign several times, responses were finally posted on her web site.

  4. I would just be happy if he would deal with this real voter.

    When did I excuse Ms. Welsch's alleged failures to get back with you, whoever you are? Red herring.

  5. Karl's got many bad qaulities as a person and official. I have had the opportunity to know and work with him, and regardless of what your political ideology may be, he is not the man for this job. Did you know he is planning on having a position for David Manning in his administration? I will be trying to shed light on him a little bit with my own blog at

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