Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why Bother When I Can Drink Yazoo in My Own Yard?

In deciding not to join many of you who went to the Music City Brewers' Festival yesterday, I had several reasons:

  1. It was too danged hot to justify going to an event whose only hook was beer. I assumed I could buy the same beer cheaper and bring it home to a comfortable, shady spot, and still have a view of the Downtown skyline.
  2. No good transportation system to get to SoBro. It's a made-for-Downtowners or made-for-parking-vendors kind of event.
  3. Reciting #1 in a different way: there was nothing (including unobtainable or exotic brews) that I might miss in order to make me put my plans aside and get a babysitter in order to go to the fest. Oktoberfest, it ain't.
  4. What was up with those weird open/closing hours?
Wage attended the MCBF and pretty much confirms all of my reasons, and throws in a bad ticketing system and a total inattention to First Aid to boot.

Unless they offer more incentives, I won't be going next year, either.


  1. So curmudgeonly! No one would ever suspect you're actually really fun to drink with. ;)

    Which reminds me: next time you feel like hanging out and drinking Yazoo, give us a shout and we'll keep you company. We can invite Wage, too, and we certainly don't need to serve malt liquor drinks. Yeesh.

  2. Shhhh! I've got a "buzzkill" reputation to maintain here, Kate!

    (Of course, we would be glad to play host to a Yazoo chill-out. Let me see what we can pull together. Wage? You in?).

    Your neighborhood's Oktoberfest still rules the roost of beer-laden Nashville festivals. MCBF is no BMOC relative to Germantown's polka party.