Saturday, July 14, 2007

Is Bob Clement Failing to Live by a Promise?

Mary Mancini points out that GOP sweetheart for Mayor, Bob Clement has not followed through on his commitment to take the Urban Plunge. Maybe those Republican donors just are not impressed enough by any attempt to take a fearless and searching look at gritty life on Nashville's streets to motivate Mr. Clement to live by his promise. Or maybe this is a sign of a candidate who blows smoke up skirts to get elected.

UPDATE: Wonderful to see from the comments below and from the Tennessean blog that Mr. Clement did take the Urban Plunge on Saturday night, several hours after Mary asked the question. That's one less thing voters have to worry about.


  1. Mary Mancini's own reporting is that Clement and Eaton both pledge to take the homeless plunge in late July. It is just now the middle of the month, so your a bit premature in your indignation.

  2. Sorry to disappoint you and Mary but Clement did follow up on his promise to the homeless power project. He just didn't feel the need to flaunt it in the media like his opponents with a press conference. Here is a link to the small blurb in the Tennessean:

    Clement does his homeless time
    by Colby Sledge
    Mayoral candidate Bob Clement followed up Saturday night on a pledge to spend time with the homeless, according to a campaign release. Clement met with members of the Homeless Power Project and the Campus for Human Development during the evening, and also stopped by the Nashville Rescue Mission and Safehaven, which offer overnight shelter for the homeless.

    The release said Clement spent eight hours Saturday night and Sunday morning traversing the streets, nearly the same time that four other mayoral candidates spent out on the streets in June. Clement said then that his schedule did not permit him to participate in that night’s “Urban Plunge” led by the Homeless Power Project, but said he would take the group up on its offer before the Aug. 2 election.

  3. Candidate Clement has dedicated a LOT of effort in his career being in contact with the citizens under his charge. Witness his establishment of offices in the many diverse parts of town when he was Congressman. No other candidate for mayor, and I mean NO other, can say anything other than they spent a few hours walking around in the wee hours on the street with everything they needed and knew that they had a warm home to go back to...what college student has never done that?