Saturday, July 07, 2007

Local Print Media Provide Campaign Cover in the Thompson Promotional Tour

While a west coast paper was reporting on a remarkable Fred Thompson abortion flip-flop, the Nashville City Paper was hyper-subjectively judging yesterday that Tennessee's former Senator performed "superbly" in GOP campaign polling data (while failing to observe that many well-known candidates poll well before officially announcing a run). They also played up news that Thompson has hired a major Bush campaign hatchet man from the controversial 2000 Florida elections.

I was left to wonder whether the latter NCP Florida lede was a purpose plant by the Thompson campaign designed to screen the LA Times news on his abortion 180°. God forbid that the local print media ever write a story that puts "Superb" Fred Thompson in a negative light, because Tennesseans could not stand to read a balanced story about warts on the beauty that the press makes over. It is obvious that the only people who can look to the NCP for balanced reporting on Fred Thompson are those supporters who do not desire to read anything less than flattering about the actor.

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