Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blogger Judges Enclave "Irrelevant, Repetitive, or Nonsensical"

Since yesterday, I've started getting this word verification prompt when I want to post to Enclave. That's right: word verification to post to my own blog. So, I did some checking and I found out that Blogger "robots" have judged Enclave to be a possible "Spam Blog." We here at Enclave (and by "we," I mean me) will just be chalking this up to another in a long line of Blogger glitches, because here's what they tell me they mean:
The ease of creating and updating webpages with Blogger has made it particularly prone to a form of behavior known as link spamming. Blogs engaged in this behavior are called spam blogs, and can be recognized by their irrelevant, repetitive, or nonsensical text [cue: the peanut gallery], along with a large number of links, usually all pointing to a single site.
Yeah? Well, at least Enclave doesn't keep breaking down on its own! It needs the wizards at Blogger to do that!

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