Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Newspaper Man Rewriting History?

Is it just me or does the Nashville City Paper's Bill Harless seem to be suggesting a shift toward a multi-phasic approach to Riverfront Development Plans when there was already a multi-phasic approach in place from the beginning? Unlike some professionals, this amateur was at the first Riverfront Development Forum. Afterwards, I let you know that the significant dimensions of the plan were not the provocative island, decades down the road, but the initial 5-year plan to expand Riverfront Park, create pedestrian and transportation loops, and green LP Field parking lots.

But now Harless seems to be suggesting that this old news constitutes a course change. I have to ask whether he is doing so out of ignorance of the information given at the first meeting or he is doing so with that knowledge, but re-packaging it to make it seem new and newsworthy now? (Granted: the Mayor's expressed support is definitely newsworthy now).

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