Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Don't Remember a More Intelligent Metro Council Bill

Kudos to Council Member Mike Jameson, for introducing and shepherding this important ordinance through the Metro Council. What this complex ordinance does in a nutshell is to remove the responsibility of property owners for any leaks in their water or sewer line past their own meters. Previously residents were legally and financially responsible for repairs to the water and sewer lines between their meters and the water mains buried beneath the streets. That is patently illogical. Why should home and business owners be responsible for any repairs not underneath their own property?

Ludye Wallace admitted during debate on the second reading of Jameson's bill that a church in his district faced the enormous expense of water line repair and that he could not get anything done on this in the past. I am not at all surprised that Mike Jameson was able to get something done where others failed. He is the kind of representative that all of us deserve. The bill is up for third reading next Tuesday, so please contact your council representatives and encourage them to vote for ORDINANCE NO. BL2006-1239, unless of course you want to pay for any repairs to the water lines not under your property.

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