Thursday, November 09, 2006

New Builds: When Nature Calls Construction Workers

Living in a neighborhood with a lot of to-the-studs renovations and new in-fills, I notice things that developers do and don't do. One mystery in particular preys on my mind, and it has to do with the general absence of port-a-potties on construction sites. It looks to me like developers and property owners are not required to provide facilities for construction workers to relieve themselves.

Does that mean that they hire workers with cast-iron innards who can totally ignore the calls of nature until quittin' time? Or does it mean that developers just expect the hired help to find a secluded spot in or around a neighbor's yard to void their contents? Do developers understand if the latter is the case, then they are practically forcing workers to break indecent exposure laws and to pollute the neighborhood?

One guy taking a piss behind a fence may be inconsequential, but one guy ain't building all these new houses; and unless crews are fitted for colostomy bags now (which would seem more cost-intensive that a port-a-potty), bodily wastes are being dumped in my neighborhood somewhere.

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