Wednesday, November 08, 2006

BREAKING: Virginia Puts Dems in Charge of Congress

Now that the AP has declared Jim Webb the winner in the race for the open Senate Seat from Virginia, I want to declare my litmus test for judging whether the Democrats are really that much different than the Republicans. It is a hard test.

Passing a minimum wage is not good enough; tackling the prescription drug problem won't pass the muster; funding stem cell research will still fall short of the target. Each of those is significant, but they are not enough for the Dems to prove to me that they are serious about bringing integrity and lawfulness back to the government.

What Democrats in Congress absolutely, positively have to do to prove to me that they are worthy of the power that has been given to them is to dismantle the Military Commissions Act and the Defense Authorization Act of 2007. Let the hearings begin!

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