Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Briley Demands Answers on Cora Howe

David Briley was at Cora Howe Elementary at 10:30 last night while voters were still waiting to get to machines hours after polls closed, and now he's calling for the Election Commission to explain the lines. Also, we learn that Davidson County had been warned by a watchdog group not to use the machines it did on November 7.

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  1. I think it is absolutely insulting that viewers we able to watch tired, determined citizens cast their votes well into the night while thr associated press and others were "offically" calling the TN senate race. Respect and courtesy should have been given to these people as well as EVERYone who went out to vote! With 99 precients not counted in Davidson county before the victory announcement was made, I cannot believe that no one is questioning why EVERY vote was not counted in such a close race. Think about it. If 99 precients were left and at least 1,000 people voted at each of them; that 99,000 votes that possibly went uncounted with the race decided on only 50,000. It's events like this that constantly remind me of the bigotry and arrogance of Tennesseans. So sad...