Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Briley's In as Underdog and Progressive Alternative

The scrappy alternative mantle that Howard Gentry has had months to claim for himself as mayoral candidate looks to be taken up by David Briley today as he announces his campaign for Mayor, even as the other candidates are way ahead of him in financing their campaigns. For Gentry, the adage, "You snooze; you lose" applies, even with his head start in fundraising.

Briley told the Tennessean that he "would focus on strengthening education, public safety, government efficiency, job growth and 'building a bridge' to Nashville's foreign-born residents." He also intends to deal with juvenile crime more aggressively by placing more police officers in each precinct and he plans to improve the city's broadband capabilities. In the same report, Pat Nolan called him "a strong alternative candidate for 'more progressive' voters who have been uninspired by [Bob] Clement, [Buck] Dozier and Gentry." I've already given you my two cents on supporting Briley.

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