Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Crafton Strikes Back at Chamber

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce, not exactly a cutting-edge salon of progressive thought, has announced its opposition to all three anti-immigration bills up for 2nd reading on tonight's Council Meeting agenda. Those resolutions include Eric Crafton's English-only bill. So, did Crafton take their opposition gracefully in stride? Nope. He went personal and postal all over them, according to the Nashville City Paper. The Paper said he "fired back," at them, but most of the attack appeared to have nothing to do with the merits of their opposition. It had to do with whether they actually bring more money to Nashville in their other endeavors. In a seeming misplaced fit of irritability, Crafton told the Paper that the Chamber promotes other counties. Opposition to English-only promotes other counties? Eric is not so crafty.

The other two anti-immigration bills up before Council are Jim Gotto's self-proclaimed, but ass-backwards attempts to influence Nashvillians to lobby the state legislature to pressure the state lege to change the immigration laws. If these bills pass second reading tonight, chances are very good that they will pass third reading the next time around.

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