Friday, November 10, 2006

Stolen Vehicle Turns Up in Salemtown

A dark blue Chevy Suburban with Wilson County license plates that had been stolen on November 2 from Downtown near Broadway has been sitting in Salemtown on 5th inactive for several days. I called Metro Police today after I walked by the car and noticed that that the stereo system had been stripped. Plates were run confirming the theft and the Crime Unit was called. When the Crime Unit officer showed up, I asked him what the chances were that the perpetrator lived in or around Salemtown. He told me that since it was abandoned in Salemtown, the chances are good that the perpetrator lives here.

If the person or persons who stole the Suburban live in the North End, we may see other cars mysteriously abandoned here. Please keep your eyes open for any suspicious-looking vehicles that turn up and sit inactive for days.

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