Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Christmas" is the Latest in PC Jargon

News 2's Jamey Tucker is at it again. He must get his news feeds from here.

I should renew my vow made last year to overtip each "Happy Holiday" I get; and this year, if I ever find myself in Wal-Mart (odds aren't good) and an employee wishes me a "Happy Holiday," they may find a five-spot tucked in their palm as I pass by.

With the mainstream media pot-stirrers like Tucker in full and rapid rotation, I expect the conservatives on the Metro Council will be saucing themselves up. Before they do, I hope that they reconsider my suggestion that they find a truly yuletide name, instead of the rather PC "Metro Council." (BTW, is it okay for me to use the word "yuletide"? Or is it just too far from the term "Christ" to qualify as a Christmas term?)

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