Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Tennessean May Have Skewed the Facts about the Independence of Approved Audit Division

This morning's Tennessean may have overstated the independence of Metro's new audit division, which was approved by voters yesterday. There are some who indicate that the amendment would actually allow Metro Council to stack the audit committee in its favor, thus endangering the independence of the audits performed.

On a side note: before Council Member Randy Foster gets real puffed up about shepherding the Charter Amendments to the November 7 ballot, let's just keep in mind that the amendment dump may have been one of the reasons for yesterday's long lines and waiting times. I was hearing complaints all over the place yesterday that it took a lot of time for voters to read and to digest the 5 charter amendments that Metro Council placed on the ballot. I'm not sure that voters had enough time between council approval of these amendments and the election to properly understand the measures. And I'm convinced that the Metro Council made little or no effort to help constituents understand the measures.

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