Monday, November 20, 2006

I Don't Care What Those Testimonials Say; That Airborne Stuff Does Not Work For Me

I've spent the last week trying to shake a flu-like illness. Like the last few in-kind illnesses before this one, I heavily dosed those fizzy little Airborne caps before, during, and after the brunt of my sickness. If they made any kind of dent at all, I cannot tell. In fact, I would imagine myself to have been in dire straits or death bed if someone replies, "Well, just think how bad it would have been had you not taken Airborne!" I think the thing is a racket; they've even got cider-flavored, chamomile-laced Airborne for a hot bedtime toddy. It's like the invention of iced-coffee: another way to make some money off people like me who will hand it over to them.


  1. Emergen-C works much better than airborne. Instead of a fizzy tablet, its a fizzy powder. Tastes almost the same, but its seems to work a lot better.

  2. A cold and the flu have to be treated it different ways.

    If you have the flu, you may need doctor perscribed antibiotics!

    I have taken Airborne at the first sign of colds and sinus infections and it has either significantly downgraded the effects or taken them away completley.

    I stand by this product.

  3. Airborne always works for me. I use it at the first sign of a cold and the results are usually less severe.

  4. I have found that if you use the product while you are sick it does not work as well as if you take it at the first sign of illness. That's where is works for me!

    -Miles Vandercamp

  5. To the anon who said you may need prescribed antibiotics for the flu.

    The flu is a virus - antibiotics don't treat viruses, they treat bacterial infections.