Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lynn Taylor Wins North Carolina Residential Design Competition

Nashville-based designer and East Nashville denizen Lynn Taylor was selected as a Design Excellence Award Winner in the City of Wilmington, North Carolina's competition for progressive designs for infill lots. Since infill is what Salemtown has been about, we are also fortunate to have three of her designs going up at the Clayton on 6th properties here in S-town. The NC competition attracted national interest and had as its objective:
To respect the past and embrace the present without creating a false sense of history, and to use contemporary materials and designs to create affordable housing that his harmonious with the existing historic context.
Lynn was one of 21 award winners honored last month. Competition entries, including Lynn's (#2006168) can be viewed and voted on here for the "People's Choice Award" until December 5, 2006.

More details on Lynn Taylor designs can be found on her company's website. Congratulations, Lynn! It's awesome to have an award-winning designer in our midst.

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