Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Duplex Kings Attempt to Attract Other High-Density Drones

The investors at UP, LLC Someone that I do not have permission to name are is marketing one of their "for sale" properties at 610 Hume (across from Werthan Lofts) as ready for a "horizontal property regime" with no further zoning changes (current zoning: R6). "Horizontal property regime" is legalese for condominiums, townhouses, and other high density builds that do not include single family homes. Keep in mind that R6 also allows developers to build single family homes, which is the Planning Department's current land use description of the property.

It seems that [name removed at request of the person mentioned] and the bunch at UP, LLC are the investor is not satisfied with building only the highest density themselves himself. They He also seem[s] intent on drawing in as many like-minded duplex kings to their his own personal $alemtown as they he can. Single families be damned.

CLARIFICATION: I have been asked to remove the name of the person associated with the development firm identified by Planning as owning the property at 610 Hume based on reasons that I do not have permission to publish. I am removing the name out of more respect for that person than he has shown Salemtown. I regret that the editing of this post is confusing, but I am told that I do not have permission to write any explanation for the editing you see above. For the record: to the left is Metro's public record on 610 Hume as of today.

Until the owner's name is made public, readers will have to decipher his identity themselves, because as I said, I do not have permission to disclose it. Hell, I don't even know if I have permission to disclose that I do not have permission since the refusal of permission came with the info that I do not have permission to give you. So, you could still see future edits.


  1. A LOT for $165k?! Are these guys on crack? It's this kind of overinflating of property value that's caused our current and deepening slump in the housing market. Apparently they missed the obvious... again.

  2. "Single families be damned."

    Supply ---
    --- meet demand

    Idiotic post

  3. As if supply or demand operated freely from [anonymous] investors' and developers' attempts to convince buyers that what they build and what they sell are exactly what people need, a.k.a., property pimping.

    Our first lesson in marketing: call a 500 square foot apartment "multi-family," and of course, families can automatically live there.

    Part or the problem of course, is that some development firms do not see neighborhoods as neighborhoods. They see them only as the nexus of supply and demand. That is the problem here. If they viewed us as people rather than as part of their cash equation, then they wouldn't treat us like idiots.

  4. Supply... meet no demand.

    Notice the 5 duplexes at the corner of 6th and Buchanan? Still on the market.

  5. "If they viewed us as people rather than as part of their cash equation"

    Damn those corporations, always trying to make money rather than make people happy and what not.

    How many hours did you spend in modern criticism classes blaming corporations for that bee sting on your toe?