Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Black Eye for Candidate Clement

Sean has done some impressive digging into Metro Mayoral Candidate Bob Clement's Congressional voting history on the issue of English First/Immigration. The informed voter should read the whole thing; it is vital information for the August ballot.

The deepest strike that I would notch against Clement on Sean's scorecard is this business of voting for a Republican measure to punish the children of illegal immigrants for their parents' choices. I'm not sure where we ever got the notion that it is perfectly fine to reward the children of the rich (through cuts in estate taxes, for instance) and to punish the children of the poor & working classes (by denying them an education) as if children actually controlled the families into which they were born. That is brutality masquerading as civility, plain and simple.

What gives, Mr. Clement (through your spokesman, Ben Hall)?

UPDATE: Is it just me or does Clement's congressional scorecard compliment the mission of this right-wing nativist organization?

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