Monday, February 26, 2007

Salemtown Block Grant Progress Update

The Salemtown Citizen Advisory Committee (to MDHA) met two weeks ago to continue discussing options for projects on which to spend a federal block grant that will probably end up amounting to around $575,000-$589,000. I believe that the group has moved towards consensus on several possibilities.
  1. We seem to agree that the inexpensive-but-big-bang-for-the-buck projects like stamped and painted crosswalks, traffic bulbs at curbside, and distinctive street signs are worthy of our support.
  2. We seem to agree that we do not need to pursue the projects of seed money for elderly programs/day care, roadway speed bumps, and intersection roundabouts; hence, those projects were dropped from our list.
  3. We seem to agree that decorative street lights are one of the more attractive options, but because their expense would eat up a larger portion of the grant, we set that project aside for future discussion.
  4. We seem to agree that there is disagreement in the group on the feasibility of two possible projects: trash receptacles on streets and distinctive entry way signs. Those disagreements can be resolved in the future, and they will not affect the projects we can choose sooner in #1.
The next Salemtown CAC meeting will be on Tuesday, March 13 at 6:30 p.m. and it is open to all Salemtowners. As a CAC member, I welcome any questions or comments other Salemtowners might have here in the comment section or via e-mail if not in person.

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