Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Council Members Who Voted For English Only/First

English Only/First passed by 3 votes. Here are the "aye" votes from last night's English Only/First vote (along with links to district maps):

Carolyn Baldwin Tucker (at-Large; Vice Mayoral candidate)
Walter Hunt (Dist. 3)
Michael Craddock (Dist. 4)
Pam Murray (Dist. 5)
Jason Hart (Dist. 8)
Rip Ryman (Dist. 10)
Feller Brown (Dist. 11)
Jim Gotto (Dist. 12)
Harold White (Dist. 14)
J.B. Loring (Dist. 15)
Ludye Wallace (Dist. 19)
Billy Joe Walls (Dist. 20)
Edward Whitmore (Dist. 21)
Eric Crafton (Dist. 22)
Emily Evans (Dist. 23)
John Summers (Dist. 24)
Greg Adkins (Dist. 26)
Randy Foster (Dist. 27)
Jason Alexander (Dist. 28)
Vivian Wilhoite (Dist. 29)
Sam Coleman (Dist. 32)
Robert Duvall (Dist. 33)
Charlie Tygard (Dist. 35)

UPDATE: Mary Mancini over at Liberadio generously linked me in a post she wrote on devoting more energy to turning back the "conservative takeover" of Metro government by voting for more progressive candidates in the upcoming August election. Since she has opened that door, we need to add Metro School Board candidate and local Republican Party/social-conservative darling Kay Brooks to the list of those English Only supporters seeking office. In fact, she supported Crafton's first, unrevised, harder-core resolution without much qualification.


  1. How come David Briley was listed as absent on this vote. He was there, wasn't he?

  2. Your answer is in this morning's Tennessean. See Michael Cass's story on the vote.

  3. everybody can still email the mayor and ask him to veto the resolution. email him at: