Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Charlie Tygard's Other Ethics Problem

Let me submit for your consideration: the Car Wash Exemption Bill as it currently stands for tonight's 3rd and final reading still does not possess the Planning Department's recommendations despite the fact that Charlie Tygard in his response to the Public Hearing on January 2 said that the bill would include them. I defy you to find evidence in the bill that monument-type brick signs, the knee-walls, and the landscaping are required, as Mr. Tygard claimed they are when he shilled the prospective car washes as "upscale." This is clear misrepresentation of the facts of the ordinance on Mr. Tygard's part; and co-sponsor Diane Neighbors is also duplicitous in so far as she keeps promoting Planning's support-with-conditions in her justifications for the bill.

1 comment:

  1. Misrepresentation is what Charlie does best! His own constituents in District 35 know this better than any community in Nashville. He is widely considered a "menace" there.

    So much so that residents in the district that knows ole Charlie the best have put up a web site RetireTygard.com and a blog RetireTygard Blog in order to warn Nashville voters of the dangers of electing Tygard.