Friday, February 09, 2007

Metro Stormwater Engineer Responds: 6th and Hume Drainage System Meets Regulations

A Metro Engineer determined and communicated to neighbors via e-mail this afternoon that the Schoene Ansicht drain pipe not only meets regulations but decreases pre-construction amounts of run-off to the low-lying property. It looks like some of us will be learning from future experience whether he is correct. Here's to hoping he is.


  1. From my own personal interaction with the stormwater engineers, I'd have a hard time trusting that particular assessment.

    My opinion (related to both this post and the last): SP zoning is giant headache for property owners that requires constant vigilance to every single detail of every single SP zoning proposal. In my experience, the only people benefiting from SP zoning are private developers.

    Kudos to the affected neighbor whose email you published, well said.

  2. Yes, well, we trusted and supported the Schoene Ansicht/Salem Gardens developers without asking the detailed questions about every aspect, and they repaid our support by taking advantage of us for their own benefit. We learned the hard way and they're going to have a difficult time getting support from us in the future. Word to other developers: neighbors here are more saavy than the second time around, especially regarding SP zoning.