Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Putting Political Patronage Right Back on Council's Steam Tray

I cannot believe this is coming up again, but Metro Council will be seriously entertaining the idea of outside groups feeding them free meals (not to exceed $100) on meeting nights. If bill co-sponsors like Erik Cole and Rip Ryman do not now see the problem of letting patronage stick its nose back under the Council tent and if they are truly blind to the possible appearance of conflicts of interest, then they may never get it. They have been feeding each other since 2005; they should just keep doing that.


  1. You know...I work in a highly demanding service position. Should I start requesting that perhaps the general public should start feeding me for this service?

    Maybe I'm just missing something here. Or, maybe I'm just in the wrong line of work...but, how many of you out there have jobs where your companies/bosses provide your meals?

  2. I'm not saying they shouldn't be able to accept the occasional pie or fried chicken from Aunt Bee, but...I'd stay away from those pickles.