Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nashville Post Calls on Mayor Purcell to VETO English First Bill

Richard Lawson and E. Thomas Wood (whom I met over the weekend at a mutual friend's party) have posted an outstanding open letter at calling upon Mayor Bill Purcell to do something that he's never done before: veto a Metro Council resolution. Specifically, they are calling on His Honor to veto Eric Crafton's English First Ordinance, and as they point out, it could not be overturned by the vote margin with which the bill won last night. Council would have to muster a 2/3's vote and the winning margin last night was 57.5%.

I'll be joining them by writing the Mayor and asking for a veto, as JB has already suggested in some previous comments. I hope everyone reading this will consider writing Mayor Purcell ( and asking him to veto "Substitute Ordinance BL2006-1185", too.

UPDATE: Liberadio's Mary Mancini confirms with the Mayor's Office that the Mayor has 3 options:
  1. sign it into law
  2. don't sign it, and it becomes law in 10 days
  3. veto it
Write, my people, write! Don't wait until it's too late!

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