Monday, February 12, 2007

Eric Crafton to Pursue Override of Mayor's Veto: More Arm Twisting and Vote Trading in Store for Council

Metro Council Member Eric Crafton tells News 2 that he will pursue an override of Mayor Purcell's veto of the English Now, English Tomorrow, English Forever Bill.

UPDATE: Michael Cass reports (via VV) that, if Eric "I'm Not Mean-Spirited" Crafton does not get the votes necessary to override the Mayor's veto, he may further waste taxpayer resources by working on a Charter Amendment and forcing a money-consuming popular referendum on the measure. Looks like more arm-twisting and government waste to me.

Crafton is going to hold the divisive immigration issue hostage until he wrings some kind of personal satisfaction out of Metro and milks conservative red meat for all its worth, and then he'll fall back on the ridiculous cover that he "always" takes his "marching orders" from voters, like he did in the Cass interview. Would "always" include the time you disregarded the popular will of 5th School District voters and followed the Republican Party's prompt to vote for Kay Brooks, Mr. Crafton? Or does "always" refer to the time, Mr. Crafton, that you passed a crutch to your own business interest by sponsoring a bill to reduce developers' sidewalk fees? Or perhaps "always" means that time that you padded your own conflict of interest by lining your pockets with $300,000 in MDHA loans, Mr. Crafton.

Shame on your shamelessness, Mr. Crafton. You hobble through Council on your own crutches and try to mislead us voters into thinking that you march stride for stride to our orders. You are out of step and out of turn.


  1. Danger! Danger! Danger Will Robinson!

    If Crafton does go the referendum route, who wants to bet it will be the initial, even more bigoted bill? I think the Bull may have just been released into the China Shop.

  2. To all of you down in Nashville that oppose the passage of an 'English Only' bill; your ignorance rapidly approaches idiocy and treason. Multi-lingual societies DO NOT LAST VERY LONG! Check your history, not your liberalism.

  3. That "voice in the wilderness" is not in Nashville is is entirely consistent with Council opponents' reports that they have been getting a number of calls from bill proponents from other states. I would not be surprised if local English Only proponents enjoy the assistance of national groups like the Minutemen on this issue.

  4. Saw what you will, Mike, but you've now been put on notice: If the English-first bill does not pass, the terrorists win! That means that the rest of us will be forced to accept a consolation prize such as the English-first home game.

  5. Ah, Blanketnazi, now they have you. That is what the terrorists want you to believe!

  6. I heard Eric Crafton eats babies.