Tuesday, February 13, 2007

City Paper Editors Remind Council Members of their Fiscal and Legal Responsibilities on Crafton's Planned Override/Referendum

The City Paper editors warn two dozen or so Council Members who might follow Eric Crafton like lemmings over the edge to a costly and disastrous future for Nashville:
Metro Council members need to measure their support of the English First ordinance based not on this kind of emotionally charged climate but on the merits of the legislation itself. Metro Council members on the fence or voting for this ordinance for purely political reasons should consider their Legal Department’s notice of potential litigation to be a de facto fiscal note for the English First bill.

Put simply it could cost taxpayers a great deal more than the aggravation of pushing “1” for English.
Isn't it a twist that social conservatives (who preach tort reform and warn against frivolous litigation and and out-of-control lawyers fees) may be about to launch Nashville in a direction that has dockets waiting and lawyers drooling?

And it would only take some independent, level-headed moderates on the Council who have supported English First to turn around and to stop them before they ruin us. It really is up to the more moderate, mainstream council members to take a stand, which requires putting their self-interests aside for the sake of our city.

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