Friday, February 16, 2007

Compare and Contrast: Funding Nashville Inner City Ministry

Before the January 16, 2007, Council Budget and Finance Committee meeting began, the Inner City Ministry provided a supplemental letter to Council staff that stated unequivocally that the Life Skills classes would not involve Biblical teaching. The letter stated: “Life Skills classes are not Biblically-based and none of the funds will be used to promote religious beliefs.”

- - E-Mail from Metro Legal Regarding Council January 2007 Approval of $5,000 to Nashville Inner City Ministry

Nashville Inner City Ministry began in 1979 as an outreach to the young people living in the public housing projects of Nashville's inner city. Beginning with a single bus and a handful of young people, the ministry has grown into a fleet of more than 90 vehicles and over 1,500 young people being reached each week .... these young people are transported to over 50 learning centers where some 600 volunteers give their time teaching them basic life skills based on Biblical principles.

- - Nashville Inner City Ministry Mission currently catalogued at

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