Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tygard's Non-Profit Earmark Possibly Unethical

The Tennessean is reporting this morning that a December request for infrastructure funds to be dispersed to the Bellevue Exchange Club Foundation may be denied by Metro because Council Member Charlie Tygard is Treasurer of the Foundation. Tygard also may have violated ethics rules because he voted in favor of his motion to send $5,000 to the Foundation.

Tygard told the Tennessean that he does not see a conflict of interest because the funds are "all for the community's benefit." But what about "enhancing" those lights at the Foundation's private ballfield? Are there not any public ballfields that could have used that earmark?


  1. Gosh, lights for the Exchange Club ballfield. The same ballfield where Youth Inc. owns the inline skating rink? Another board that Tygard used to sit on.

  2. Please, Anyone But Charlie.

    Let's spread the message of not standing for Councilmen who are driven by their own self-interests in this Run-Off Election by saying:

    "You're Fired, Tygard!"