Monday, February 12, 2007

Quote of the Moment

Let's face it, what [Metro Council's monolingual] bill is really about is curtailing the influx of Mexicans. We all know it. It's kind of silly to deny it. It's not written into the law, but stopping African Americans from voting was not written into the Poll Tax, the Literacy requirements, or any other Jim Crow laws. The similarities are too close for my liking.

- - Slartibartfast at Nashville is Talking

That's taking the Metro Council down a couple notches right where they deserve to be: 23 of them approved a resolution that could amount to warmed over Jim Crow. Even several African American Council Members like District 19's own Ludye Wallace and Member at-Large and Vice Mayoral Candidate Carolyn Baldwin Tucker voted for this resolution. What of the lessons of history?

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