Monday, February 19, 2007

Werthan Lofts Has Moved to Trendy West End! North End in Tears

Tennessean reporter Lea Ann Overstreet (desperately seeking North End news that seems to be all around us) penned a little promotional piece on Werthan Lofts; and what's not to be promoted about Werthan Lofts? However, her piece appears in today's West End/Vandy Section rather than the "North Nashville" Section.

If the injury of Werthan being torn from the North End community and being lumped in with the trendsetters to our west weren't enough, the Tennessean adds insult to the mix: it resolutely refuses to give the North Nashville pages the same color-drenched, RBG-mixed makeover that it gives to the coutured set around Vanderbilt.

Compare and contrast:


  1. Patience my good man. The news is in both places now. It makes sense that they would also include it in the trendy West End section since Werthan news should be of interest to the trendy set.

  2. I personally feel like the new look is a bit of a mess. This west-sider would just as soon trade section designs with you.