Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Crafton Takes Too Much Credit and Memorializes Hypocrisy

Sean B. is on top of District 22 Metro Council Member Eric Crafton's late campaign blitz to take misplaced credit for Bellevue Mall redevelopment via a memorializing resolution.

Mr. Crafton once tried to limit the number of memorializing resolutions that can be introduced and he opposed the broadly supported "English Official" memorializing resolution because, as he argued, memorializing resolutions "don't do anything." He obviously believes that memorializing resolutions may help him win his election. So, they must do something.


  1. Mike, thanks for helping raise awareness of this. I am not a Bellevue resident, but I genuinely believe that the council would be a more effective institution without Councilman Crafton on its roster. I hope that the majority of voters in his district agree.

  2. problem is, julie lamb won't be much of an improvement.