Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tygards of Different Stripes

Charlie Tygard seems to run his at-Large campaign one way and defend his at-Large legal case in an opposite way. One the one hand, Mr. Tygard ran for at-Large on the plea to Nashvillians to "re-elect" him (photo credit: Sean Braisted), even though he was no longer eligible to run for his 35th District seat.

On the other hand, Charlie Tygard's personal defense attorney, James Murphy, contradicted the Tygard argument for re-election during yesterday's Chancery hearing of Philip Hostettler's case for an injunction on the September 11 at-Large run-off. Mr. Murphy said several times that Mr. Tygard, J.B. Loring, and Ronnie Greer are running "for a different office" in their at-Large campaigns.

Attorney Murphy told Judge Claudia Bonnyman that Mr. Tygard was originally put in office by the "electorate of the 35th District," but that now his at-Large run is for a "clearly separate and distinct office." The differences, according to Mr. Murphy, are based on who elects the different candidates and on the residency requirement distinctions.

To top the whole thing off (in what I think is the defense's strongest argument), Mr. Murphy appealed to the idea that referendum voters did not intend to prohibit candidates from being elected to different offices in their attempt to limit candidates from being re-elected to the same offices.

Was Mr. Murphy indicting Mr. Hostettler's case or Mr. Tygard's own campaign?!

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  1. If I could pull the "No" lever for any single candidate in this election, it would be Charlie Tygard. He has become known in our community as District 35's "misrepresentative". Our neighbors are still enraged at him for the completely deceptive smoke and mirrors show he staged at last Tuesday's council meeting. He effectively lied to the entire council and knowingly misrepresented a very vocal and unified neighborhood in his own district in order to get an unpopular zoning change passed under the wire for the sole benefit of Chaffin, Don Johnson (who just lost.. thankfully.. to Bo Mitchell for the district 35 council seat), and Allen who are the big money interests behind the property in question.

    Our community is channeling its anger into doing whatever we can now to see that this man never returns to metro council again.

    The last thing this city needs is to retain, past the term limits that have been set forth, a supposed "representative" who instead serves as a public puppet for the developer interests who prop him up politically.

    Let's retire this joker.

    You're Fired Tygard!!