Monday, August 06, 2007

David Briley on the Media's Coverage of the Mayor's Race

This morning on Liberado, David Briley said:
The Tennessean frankly in looking back probably did the best job [of covering the Mayor's race], I think, which is disappointing, frankly. The [Nashville] Scene, which you know had been in the past Nashville's sort of more critical thinking, more analytical paper, really did less, much less than the Tennessean did. The only sort of policy edition that they had had the picture of the bull on the front defecating. And it was essentially a rehashing of something the Tennessean had already done.
Council Member Briley goes on to address the effects he sees of the Scene's bull shit edition (relative to the Tennessean's better coverage) on depressing specific voter demographics. Listen to the whole Liberadio interview.

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  1. Dear God, before Briley runs again, someone needs to teach him how to make statements to the media . . . sheesh.