Sunday, August 12, 2007

Judge Upholds Farmers' Market Reseller Evictions

I stopped by the Farmers' Market booth at East Nashville's Tomato Fest yesterday and I found out from Director Jeff Themm that his eviction of the resellers from their front line booths in order to make room for actual farmers was upheld in court on Friday. Five farmers appeared in court to testify that they would use the booths if they were made available to them.

Mr. Themm told me that he did not think that the decision got mainstream media coverage because the press is "tired" of the issue. The reseller may still appeal the judges decision, but it will cost them because apparently they are required to pay a year's lease in exchange for filing an appeal.

In related news, Historic Germantown's President, Stacy Mosley, sent a letter in support of Mr. Themm's initiative to make room for farmers and for organic produce. I wish Salemtown Neighbors would do likewise.

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