Thursday, August 23, 2007

Insult to Sounds' Injury

While the Nashville Sounds were going down to their worst loss of the year (10-2) last night to the Oklahoma Redhawks, there was no solace that they were beaten by the best team OK has fielded this year. Several of the better Redhawks were in Baltimore helping their parent team, Texas, score a record setting 39 runs (30-3) and (9-7) in a doubleheader last night.

Texas broke the AL record for most runs scored in a single day. The Boston Braves own the NL record for scoring 43 runs on a day in 1894. Texas also ecclipsed the modern-day (post-1900) baseball AL record for runs scored in a game (29 by the Boston Red Sox [1950] and the Chicago White Sox [1955]). No team had scored 30 runs in one game since the Chicago Colts (who would become the Cubs) did so in 1897. The 30 runs also sets a new Major League RBI record.

With their "magic number" to win their division at 4, it may be little solace to the Sounds that they were on the margins of a historical event in baseball last night, and it probably doesn't help to know that the only run batted in of the 2 that they scored in last night's losing effort came off the bat of a former Oklahoma/Texas product, Laynce Nix.

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