Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Wash Out

The distance is considerable.

When Diane Neighbors stood to defeat the Car Wash Exemption Bill on a hot August night, she addressed the facts that 99% of the mail that members had received from the public on the bill was negative, that the opposition was countywide, and that car wash developers had made no efforts whatsoever in the last six months since the bill was deferred to meet with affected Council Members (numbering no more than 2 or 3) in order to plan based on the current law.

That is far and away from the Public Hearing on the Car Wash Bill, held on a cold January night of this year. During that hearing opponents outnumbered proponents 3-to-1 even though the former were under the impression that bill was going to be deferred before the hearing started. That's also the night that a council member cozy with developers misstated that the opposition was not countywide and that it represented a small segment along White Bridge Road.

We came a long way, didn't we?

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