Monday, August 13, 2007

David Briley Endorses Neither Mayoral Candidate

Part of David Briley's August 13 press release:

After meeting with both of the candidates, I have made the decision not to formally endorse either candidate in the race. I spent considerable time talking with both Bob and Karl about their visions for the city, especially as it relates to the environment and sustainability. I was particularly encouraged with Bobs willingness to have an Office of Sustainability that reports directly to the Mayor. In the end, I came to the conclusion that both of the candidates intend to pursue some elements of the platform I spoke out about throughout this campaign and that Nashville will see progress on the environment soon.

He goes on to offer his assistance to both campaigns and he encourages his supporters to choose one or the other based on "independent judgment."

UPDATE from V-Squared:
Speculation regarding Briley’s leanings were sparked on Saturday after a (joint?) appearance by David Briley and Bob Clement at the East Nashville Tomato Festival and the coziness between the two suggested by an accompanying press release sent out by the Clement campaign.

The Briley campaign was not advised of the weekend presser before it’s release. The Clement folks have been advised that before future releases go out bearing the Briley name that a courtesy call would be preferred.

UPDATE: ACK at V-Squared revised the original post in the update above and requested the same changes be made to his quote here.

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