Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What Does "Dishonor" Even Mean in This Context?

Charlie Tygard, who promises to load up with defense lawyers in the event that the at-Large race is legally contested, told Nashville Public Radio:

The election commission is going to be printing ballots for absentee votes and those type of things have to be done soon. The worst thing for Nashville would be to throw this whole election into such uncertainty that it brings dishonor to the city.
The uncertainty would arise from the unchallenged assumption that term-limited council members can get around term limits by running for "re-election" (quoting the Tygard Campaign) to one of the at-Large seats. Someone seems to think a lot of himself to translate legal challenges to his election results as "dishonor" to the entire city.

I would not feel dishonored. Would you?


  1. i would feel dishonored to suffer even fifteen more minutes of charlie tygard "serving" on the metro council. He needs to honor the spirit of the term limits law, and let others serve. Tygard doesn't serve anybody or anything but his own self interests.

  2. As a buddy (read: puppet) to multiple developers/builders wanting to build in the Bellevue area, I whole-heartedly agree he serves only his self-interests.

  3. I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with Charlie Tygard, and learned one valuable lesson. If his lips are moving---- he is lying.