Monday, August 13, 2007

Harold Ford, Jr. vs. Daily Kos Founder on Meet the Press

UPDATE: During Liberado's podcast on this battle, Mary Mancini points out that Harold Ford's zinger against dKos about anti-semitism was unfair because it was based on something written on the comments board of the blog rather than being based on something a dKos contributor wrote themselves (discussion is during the second half of the podcast). Mary compares Mr. Ford's tactics to Bill O'Reilly's on Fox News.

She also refers us to Moulitsas's main points that have been ignored:

UPDATE: dKos weighs in:
If ... [Harold] Ford really knew anything about Daily Kos, he’d know that Cindy Sheehan did in fact post an announcement that she was pondering a run against Nancy Pelosi—something that ... Ford shares in common with Cindy Sheehan, since he ran unsuccessfully against the Speaker when she was up for Minority Leader in 2003—and that the reaction was much less positive than she apparently expected. If he was familiar with Daily Kos, he might also know that a few days after that diary, Ms. Sheehan posted this diary, in which she (mistakenly) claimed that she had been prohibited from posting at Daily Kos.

Furthermore, if he were really familiar enough to have found anti-Semitic comments on Daily Kos on his own, he would know that they are extremely rare and almost always rebutted vigorously and usually troll-rated from sight.

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