Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SEIU Slinging Pro-Business Charges at Candidates is Hypocritical

So, the Service Employee International Union is knocking one of the mayoral candidates as "pro-business." After looking at the some of the candidates' itemized statements of contributions yesterday, I have got to tell you that SEIU is merely playing the pot to the kettle's black

For example, last month this Union contributed $1,000 to District 13's Carl Burch, who will try to follow through tonight with the pro-business, anti-democracy Car Wash Exemption Bill. SEIU matched the other contribution that Burch received in July from a car wash developer.

SEIU has no credibility and no room to criticize any candidate of being too pro-business with their own large contributions to pro-business candidates on the public record.


  1. While I am certainly disappointed that Carl Burch has decided to bring this bill back to the floor, I will go on record as saying that he has worked quite well with some of the neighborhood groups in his district.
    Also, of note, is that his opponent was Tony Derryberry, who I assure you would not have been good for neighborhoods. From that perspective, I am glad that he had the support of the SEIU.
    The union has made what I consider some peculiar endorsements, however, and would question how they arrived at some of the decisions, as I am not sure that they always serve the interests of those that they represent.


  2. I don't know about him being good for the neighborhoods, but I do know that Derryberry was a rightwing ass who ran against Janis Sontany in 2004 under the auspices that homosexuals were the biggest problem facing the State of Tennessee.

  3. He wasn't too fond of "Mexicans" either.