Thursday, August 09, 2007

An Illness away from Ruin: What's Wrong with America and What Will They Do To Change It?

During the AFL CIO Debate one of the Democratic candidates mentioned inviting the health insurance companies to the bargaining table when reforms are made. That's rather like inviting the Mad Hatter to the tea party, is it not?


  1. I posted this over at VolVoters:

    "... inviting the health insurance companies to the bargaining table ..."

    Like inviting the oil companies to a secret energy task force where energy policy is drafted. Like inviting the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies to write the new Medicare law. In other words, very Bush Republican. That it would come from a Democrat is very disturbing.

  2. Like inviting a lawyer to have input on tort reform?

  3. More like having the health care corporations at the table of tort reform.

    The point is that the health insurance industry is already at the government table (as Mr. Skvara puts it, "eating our lunch"), just as the Mad Hatter is the one hosting the tea party.

  4. I wouldn't be surprised that this would come from a democrat. Even before legal voting age I've maintained the position that democrats and republicans are merely opposite sides of the same worthless coin.

    This goes well beyond political disgruntlement or revolutionary angst. The Demopublicans reinforce this fact on nearly a daily basis.

    Bottom line - if someone doesn't have enough personal merit to run apart from the democratic or republican monopolies then you can expect nothing but the same as we see here.