Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Little Reminder to the Metro Council Before It Votes Tonight

None of the "attractive" architectural provisions proposed by the Planning Commission for the Car Wash Exemption Bill are actually in the ordinance as the co-sponsors have claimed that they would be in the past. Here are some of the Planning Commission recommendations that Council Members specifically referred to when they were selling the bill earlier this year:
8. Vacuum Equipment. Vacuum equipment must be oriented away from residential uses and shall be a minimum of 25 feet from any property zoned residential or permitting residential uses. If walls or masonry are used in the vacuum area to separate the vacuum area from adjacent properties, materials must be consistent with primary structure.

9. Signs. All on-premises signs shall be monument style signs with a maximum height of eight feet and consistent with all other provisions of table 17.32.110 for all car wash facilities, regardless of zoning.

10. Knee Wall. There shall be a physical separation from the car wash area to the street/sidewalk in the form of a knee wall with a minimum of 24 inches in height. The wall shall be constructed of concrete, stone, finished masonry or other similar material, or the wall shall consist of pillars with wrought iron or similar material between the pillars.
If the Metro Council approves the Car Wash Exemption Bill on the pretense that these provisions will be included in any future development plan, then they approve it under false pretenses.

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